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CCE Seminar on Self Editing: Part 1 CCE Seminar: You CAN effectively edit/proofread your English writing (even if English is not your native language)

03-26-2019 4:10 PM

Should you write "IN Iowa State University" or "AT Iowa State University"? "Related TO" or "related WITH"? "Referred AS" or "referred TO as"? "On surface of" or "on THE surface of"? If you (or your students) don't know, register to join this session of the two-part Self-Editing Seminar Series put on by the Center for Communication Excellence in the Graduate College to find out how to use the Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA) vs. Google Scholar to determine which words in English "hang out together" – and which don't. (Bring your computer!)

Pearson 2115



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